Planning A Paver Project

As with any home improvement project, planning is your best friend. It takes some time and teamwork with your significant other to effectively plan your home life but then throw on top of that a long awaited project and it can mean chaos. You’ve got your career, children and their schooling and activities, the dog, and all the day to day activities, and you’ve gotten yourself into one fine mess! Well, we’re here to tell you that you’d better get ready for some planning for a paver project and look at the entire scope, future plans and possible things underground that can be areas of concern going forward.

Home Improvement Project Nightmare

Well, now back to the planning part. A paver installation project is an interesting home project because there as so many other factors that need to be considered because they go hand in hand with pavers.  Paver installation, service, repair or removal ALL intertwine with potentially costly other areas of your home that need your full attention before you embark on this type of project.

For example, when laying pavers, stone, concrete, brick or any other type of surface material, the entire home area must be considered. The paver or material you decide to use will cover the ground and what is under ground. Well, for starters, your entire sprinkler system lies under the ground. You sure don’t want to have to remove those freshly laid pavers, when you find out you forgot to address the sprinklers, a leak or their removal.

What else. Well in most areas, your natural gas lines are under ground and need to be located and accounted for before you begin any type of land covering project like this. This is a common mistake all homeowners make when planning a home paver project.

What else can go wrong? How bout your home lighting in the backyard? Many of the older type of lights in backyards have electric lines and wires underground and these need to be accounted for as well.

There are others that we won’t go into now, but you can see how covering an area of your land, can have severe consequences if you don’t plan ahead and account for potential disasters.