How to Customize Your Driveway

For many homes, driveways remain more functional than stylish. However, you can customize your surface without much effort, creating a unique place to park your vehicles.


Yards become deceptively dark at night, especially in winter when the days shorten. Not only does that make it harder to find your way to the front door, but it could leave you vulnerable.

A few walkway lights not only brighten your exterior spaces, but it creates a safer walking path for you and sidewalk pedestrians. It doesn’t hurt that your curb appeal improves as well.

Automated Gate

Although some entry gates are too elaborate for some subdivisions, there are other examples which suit any property. Having an automated gate doesn’t just improve your driveway’s appearances, but it enhances your house’s security as well.

Some systems rely on a remote similar to your garage, while others require a pin to get in. However, having a secondary barrier between your property and the outside is always a welcomed addition.

Material Choices

After a while, seeing the same flat, gray surface on every home gets boring. However, driveways can get created from several different materials, offering you straightforward ways to customize yours.

Try loose decorative gravel for a more rustic appearance, or paved asphalt for maintenance-free parking. Pavers can add elegance to your entry, while stained concrete looks excellent as well.

Parking Canopy

Some days, you run in and out of your home with dozens of errands to accomplish, leaving your car exposed to the sun. Other households have more than one vehicle parked outdoors.

An overhead canopy helps shield cars from the sun, as well as rain and other elements. Their low-profile design makes them easy to blend in, and you often have many choices for colors and dimensions.