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Driveway Paver Installations- Things To Consider

As a homeowner, one of the best things you can do to improve the look, curb appeal and value of your home is to have a beautiful driveway installed by a professional paver installation service. That being said, deciding what avenue to go can be one of the most daunting and overwhelming tasks for the new homeowners to decide upon.

When entering into this decision, there are several factors to consider and we will look at each one to give you an overview of the various options that you have and try to eliminate any obstacles in your path. These factors include:

1) Budget– The first thing you need to consider is how much you can afford to spend on this (or any) project. You want to stay within that budget and have a cushion as to how much you can go over that would be acceptable. This driveway budget is subject to many factors that will determine the success of the project such as the size of the driveway, lighting, drainage, materials, contractor (or do it yourself), etc. One huge consideration is the material you use and you should know straight away that the least expensive of those is gravel and the most expensive is paving stones. Both asphalt and concrete are in between in terms of expense.

2) Who will do the work and can you do it yourself- There are a few things to consider when deciding if this will be a project in which you will research and hire a contractor like driveway pavers Fort Lauderdale or do it yourself. It’s important to be honest when determining your ability to do the project without a professionals help as well as the financial factors. For example, if you choose to do it yourself, you may be able to spend more on materials but if you are hiring a contractor, the budget may be a little tighter on materials. Naturally, do some research on costs of materials and discern your own ability to perform the work before you decide who’s going to do it and what material you will use.

3) Amount of maintenance- The next factor is to determine how much you will want to be How much time, money, and effort are you willing to invest in driveway maintenance? Obviously, if you go the cheaper route and do gravel, it will require little upkeep, while asphalt, concrete and pavers require some maintenance and also are affected by weather such as extreme heat or cold.

4) Local association, city or county restrictions– One of the key decisions and things you cannot overlook are local regulations. These can be restrictions by your homeowners association, local government or municipality.

5) Shape and dimensions– If you’ve just purchased the home, it’s likely the driveway is already installed and you have the choice to upgrade the existing area. But if you’re building a new house, or want to change the existing format on a house you’ve just purchased, you will want to plan ahead in terms of its shape and square footage. For example, will you want the standard rectangular driveway, a square pad, in front of the house, up alongside the house, or a circular driveway?

6) The look you want- You’ll want to consider your personal taste, what other neighbors have and what type of driveway and materials best fit your home. These are difficult questions that only you can answer so take the time to do some research and look at pictures online and websites of local providers.